SOCCER is not a sport!…Might be the worst game ever invented

scoreboardSoccer is not a sport. It is a GAME they play in third world countries because they can’t afford any other equipment. Then they have the balls to call it “futbol”? Did anyone happen to catch that ‘thriller”between USA and Mexcico? 0-0 after 3 hours…BORING. AMERICAN Football is the greatest SPORT ever invented, and it is played by men in the United States. It is obviously… too complicated for other countries to try and figure out, because if it wasn’t they would be playing it. There are three requirements that must be met in order for something to be called a “SPORT”….

There are only 3 sports that are recognized in the United States by men who love sports: Football, Baseball and Basketball. These three sports meet ALL of the requirements  and definitions of what a “Sport” is. The three things that all SPORTS have in common:

1. A ball is involved. This is vital and eliminates numerous “Contests”. Swimming is a skill for sure, as is gymnastics. But these two  “contests” do not use a ball, and thus cannot be labeled as “Sports”.swimming

2. Defense must be played. In order to be a sport, you must use a ball and play defense. Football, baseball and basketball meet these requirements. So by not playing defense, we can eliminate golf, bowling, and bocce.bocce

3. “Sports” require and allow the use of HANDS. Just another of the myriad of reasons that not only is soccer not a sport, it is just plain stupid.

hands soccer

I will now give you reasons why some “Contests” are not considered “Sports”…

If senior citizens can still do it after they retire, it cannot be considered a sport.nascar Sorry NASCAR fans, driving a car is not a sport. NASCAR is a contest.

Playing pool, darts, poker, and fishing…these are not sports. pokerIf you can drink a 12 pack and still play the “Game” reasonably well, it cannot be considered a “Sport”. (Exception: David Wells threw a perfect game for the Yankees while he was drunk. There are exceptions to every rule!)david

Ok so just to recap...Football, baseball and basketball are all sports.

Hockey and ice skating are not sports. Anything where ice is involved cannot be considered a sport. Plus no ball is involved.

Track and field require a great amount of strength and skill, but once again it does not require the use of a ball or playing defense. So can’t be a sport. Same goes for boxing and wrestling.

If the game you are playing can end in a tie, then it is not a sport. Why play something for 2-3 hrs, and then have no winner declared? That is stupid. (I know that there CAN be a tie in football, but something that happens once every 15 years is an  exception not a rule.) Just another reason why soccer is so ridiculous.

Tennis, volleyball, ping pong, croquet…they somehow snuck in and met the requirements of being a sport, but we all know that they really aren’t sports. They are just games. I guess I could say if a girl can play it, then it isn’t really a sport…but girls can play basketball.Hmm…ok so everything besides basketball, if a girl plays it, it is not considered a sport.

All comments are welcome as always, and I will argue with anyone about anything regarding sports!




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9 Responses to SOCCER is not a sport!…Might be the worst game ever invented

  1. Soccer is more of a sport than baseball. I like basketball and NFL and I would follow baseball. But any sport where you can lose 50 + games and then be considered a champion, the “best” raises some questions for me.

    • Well if soccer played a 162 game season, how many losses would be acceptable?

      • but why play so many games to go to playoffs?? Man United have played 30 games in the Premier League and only lost 2 so far, on that form they would only lose about 12-15 if it kept going to 162….

      • I get it… Man United is the new York Yankees of soccer..I just cant get into soccer for some reason.

      • I guess you have to be brought up in the culture of a sport. I dont like how MLS go to playoffs. What I like about the Premier League is that if you lose some then you may not be able to win it whereas if in the NHL for example you could lose a lot of your early games yet still win the Stanley Cup, so the games matter more.

  2. Noel says:

    You cannot be serious about this. Wikipedia defines sport as ” all forms of competitive physical activity which,[1] through casual or organised participation, aim to use, maintain or improve physical ability and provide entertainment to participants.” Your definition is limited. But I trust you are just being sarcastic and funny. Very amusing post.

    • I was being funny/sarcastic..BUT…the wikipedia definition cannot be used…otherwise: Cooking,darts,billiards,croquet,synchronized swimming, etc…would all be considered sports.

  3. Snake says:

    Soccer is something you watch when you have insomnia and you’ve run out of Ambien.

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