Women are REALLY STUPID. …..

Women are REALLY STUPID. …...

dumb-blondeDid you just read the title of this blog? If you are a man, I am sure you did. If you are a woman, you might have had trouble with a couple of the words. If that is the case, just unbutton a couple of  buttons on your shirt and lean over close to a man. Make sure he has easy access to be able to see down the front of your shirt, and ask in a real sexy voice if he could read this to you, because you get easily confused. If you are at least a “C Cup”……

About shawnpmcclellan

Fun loving guy who is here to inform, entertain, and force feed my opinion down your throat!. We will be talking about a myriad of topics, including, but not limited to: the hot issues of the day, sports, movies, TV, books, food,sex, religion....I have lived all over this great country, and I love to share my opinion on almost everything. I am a trivia master, so trivia will be sprinkled throughout my blogs...feel free to make comments or suggestions, and if i don't agree with them I will just ignore them!
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